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THE 'TARSH TALKS' podcast IS where I will be sharing all my experiences and knowledge in Triathlon, running my own business and all the behind scenes of Stomp the Pedal, my relationship journey from being married to being a single warrior again!

Great insight into the origins of Stomp The Pedal clothing brand - a real lesson in just go for it and learn on the way. Tarsh has a inspiring attitude to life, give this a listen :)

loved listening to this

Carrie Mac

What an inspirational lady. Could listen to her all day everyday. Such a lovely person too. Love love love

amazing & real

Em Eddy

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Being a self employed Business Consultant for the past 13 years in the UK, working from home is not foreign to me, however it may be foreign to many of you who have not had to do it before. Working from home can be very productive, but you have to put a system in place […]